Porcelain Plate Set


gift from Israel, this porcelain plate set is an excellent example of Hebrew/Jewish art, a discriminating review of their rich artistic and religious tradition. This gift embodies the spiritual biography of the Jewish religion, their art religious in spirit and created to worship God and to commemorate the holy land.

Written in both English and Hebrew, the word “Shalom,” spans across the center of the plate. The word shalom is considered a rich word to the Jewish community, meaning peace. Traditionally, Hebrew words were meant to convey feeling, intent and emotion. The word shalom becomes more than simply a word for peace. – It is considered complete peace, often understood as a feeling of contentment, wholeness, prosperity and harmony that is considered essential to their religion. Shalom is also understood as a word for external peace between two entities, such as between individuals or nations. This porcelain plate set is a representation of not only the Hebrew religion and traditional Jewish art, but also a representation of peace between two nations, Israel and the United States.


Gifting Country: Israel
Style/Culture: Hebrew/Jewish Art
Date: Early 20th Century
Medium: unidentifiable
Credit Line: Israel, 2011.


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