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Traditional Arabic Coffee Set - The Art of War Initiative

Traditional Arabic Coffee Set


he tradition of coffee (qahwa) drinking in many Arabic countries is a sign of hospitality.  It is customary upon arrival to offer guests a cup of Arabic coffee with dates or other sweets. Typically guests will enjoy three cups of coffee in a social exchange and as a sign of courtesy, guests will accept no fewer than one cup. The Arabic coffee pot (dallah) is held with the left hand while the cup (finjan) is filled with coffee and served with the right hand. The small cups are filled only one third of the way full in the coffee serving ritual.

The gifted Traditional Arabic Coffee Set includes two cups (finjan), one coffee pot (dallah), and a marsh. The set was presented in 2001 in a red velvet box lined with white sateen. On the inner lid of the box is a small engraved gold medallion with the emblem of Qatar.


Gifting Country: Qatar
Gift Date: 2001
Style/Tradition: Arabic
Medium: Gold Tone Metal