Smoking Set


he three-piece smoking set displayed here was gifted by  Hungary in 2000. This set was produced by a family owned pipe company, the Szabo Smoking Pipe Manufacturer Ltd., founded in 1930 in Nagykőrös, Hungary. Staying true to producing wooden pipes in Nagykőrös even after the nationalization of Hungary. The Szabo Smoking Pipe Manufacturer Ltd. is well-known for producing traditional wooden pipes with classical styles and shapes while following customer needs and trends.

The set includes a wooden pipe adorned with the Hungarian coat-of-arms, liquid tobacco and a spool. The style of this pipe is a Kommersz which is produced in three variations: the “Suttyó” pipe is small and light, the “Cabinet” pipe is mid-sized and mostly straight, and the “Derby” pipe characterized as sportly with form following function. The pipe in displayed with this set resembles the description of the “Derby” pipe with a slightly larger bowl, short shank, and longer stem highlighting the notion of form following function.


Gifting Country: Hungary
Year Given: 2000
Medium: Wood, plastic, liquid tobacco


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