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Women's Clothing and Doll in Traditional Clothing - The Art of War Initiative

Women’s Clothing and Doll in Traditional Clothing


he gifts on display here includes a woman’s folk dress and a small doll dressed in traditional Romanian clothing. The white cotton blouse and black wrap skirt can be found mainly in East and Southeast Romania. The essential elements of the outfit are a shirt or chemise typically made from hemp, linen, or woolen fabric with a skirt, and an apron that covers the front and back to add design. The set on display includes a sheer blouse with billowy sleeves. The skirt is black with a pattern of silver thread to create a decorative design. The outfit comes with a woven belt and a sheer and scarf adorned with silver thread. Outfits such as this, are worn by women and also during festivals.

The doll is clothed in a traditional outfit: A chemise, pants, shoes, and a hat. The linen garments of the chemise and pants are adorned with a red, orange, white, and blue sash that wraps around the waist and over the chest. The cuffs of the sleeves, bottom of the chemise, and shoulders are adorned with gold thread giving a festive appearance.


Gifting Country: Romania
Year Given: 1996
Medium: Textile


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